• Antibodies – Blocking/Neutralization Methods, Techniques, Protocols - Antibodies – Blocking/Neutralization Methods, Techniques, Protocols by Gentaur • Definition: A method to test the specificity of antibodies or to reduce nonspecific background staining, used as a negative control, competition control, absorption, isotype control, etc.. • Demonstration of antibodies specific antigen (peptide / protein) blocking – It’s not unusual to see more than one lane […]
  • Blocking antibody with immunizing peptide protocol - Pre-incubation of antibody with the immunogen to demonstrate specificity Nonspecific binding of antibody to proteins other than antigen, may sometimes occur. It is generally more frequently with polyclonal antibodies, but may occur with a monoclonal antibody as well. To determine which band or staining is specific to the immunized peptide blocking experiments can be performed. […]
  • Blocking Strategies for IHC antibodies - Before using antibodies for the detection of proteins by immunohistochemistry (IHC), all epitopes of the tissue sample must be blocked to prevent nonspecific antibody binding. Otherwise, the antibodies or other detection reagents may be connected to all the epitopes of the sample, regardless of the specificity. Introduction In principle, any protein that does not have […]