Adeno/Rota Combo

Intended Use

This test is used to detect qualitatively Adenovirus and Rotavirus antigens in human stool samples. This test is an in vitro diagnostic assay for professional use.

General Information

Rotaviruses, enteric adenoviruses, calicivirus, astrovirus and small round viruses are some of the agents that cause infantile gastroenteritis. Among these rotaviruses are the most common and important agents, followed by adenoviruses.

Rotaviruses are globally the leading cause of infantile diarrhea and severe gastroenteritis which may lead to hospitalization and child deaths. Because of rotavirus every year 25 million clinical applications are made, 2 million children are hospitalized and more than 600,000 children are lost worldwide.

Because of their wide tropisms enteric adenoviruses are apart from other diarrhea viruses and they are named after their preference for lymphoid tissue. They can cause long term infections of these organs and they can also cause respiratory system diseases and kerato-conjunctivitis epidemia.

Kit Content

  • Test devices
  • Sample extraction tubes
  • Instructions manual
  • Positive control (available on request)

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