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Media and Diluents in Flexi Bags


For Food Microbiology Testing

Sharlau’s Flexi Bags are ideal for food testing laboratories with a large number of samples that require important quantities of broth media or diluent.

  • Ready to use – can be used directly for the sample preparation

·        Cost effective – as the packaging is relatively low cost and there is no need for labor – intensive preparation or sterilization

·         Safe– since no glassware is involved

·         Easy to dispose of, as the bags can be treated as normal laboratory waste

Product Name 2 litres 3 litres 5 litres
Buffered Peptone Water (02-277)

Dilution and nonselective pre-enrichment liquid medium

acc. to ISO 6579, 8523, 8261 and 6785 standards


064-BA01-2 064-BA01-3 064-BA01-5


Listeria Enrichment Broth Half Fraser(02-496)

Liquid culture medium for the primary enrichment of Listeria

acc. ISO 11290


064-BA02-2 064-BA02-3 064-BA02-5


TSB (Tryptone Soya Broth) (02-200)

Highly nutrient liquid medium for the general purposes formulated

acc. Harmonized Pharmacopoeias (EP, USP, JP) and FDA regulations


064-BA03-2 064-BA03-3 064-BA03-5


Maximum Recovery Diluent (MRD) (02-510)

Isotonic diluent for the maximal recovery of stressed microorganisms

acc. ISO standards