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Rodac Petri SurCheck


Surcheck Plate is a fast, economic and reliable way for microbiological monitoring of critical control points during environment and area controls. Surcheck plate method is recommended when quantitative data are sought from flat, impervious and non-porous surfaces. The resulting sampled area for a 50 mm plate is approximately 25 cm2. This area enables having quantitative results, thus makes the product suitable for standard control procedures.

In recent years Media in Rodac Petri Dishes have gained great importance in microbiology, especially in control infections. They are used for hygiene control of operating rooms, patient rooms and general areas in a hospital. They can be used for the detection of specific pathogens (MRSA, VRE etc) as well.

Product Name

Catalog No

SurCheck CHROMagar ECC


SurCheck SDA


SurCheck PCA


SurCheck Chr. VRE


SurCheck Chr. MRSA