Gentaur VOLTRAN Viral Load Detection System

bba5585d-ML_STARlet_IVD_seitlich“Perfect combination of unrivalled technology and the quality”

Minimize the hands on time. Standardize your assay. Get the accurate quantification. RTA now presents the perfect combination of the proven quality Gentaur Real Time PCR Kits and the best in class instrumentation Hamilton MICROLAB STARLET(CE-IVD) and BioRad CFX96TM (CE-IVD) for your routine detection of HBV, HCV, HIV-1 and CMV nucleic acids.
Gentaur VOLTRAN® Viral Load Detection System offers everything you need for a fast, productive and reliable operation:
• Compliance with EU IVD 98/79/EC
• Automated nucleic acid extraction (magnetic bead) and PCR Setup
• 96 sample capacity, build-in and handheld barcode scanner
• Inhibitor-free nucleic acid checked by internal control added during extraction
• Leading pipetting technology of HAMILTON based on 50 years of expertise in
liquid handling
• High sensitivity of detection even from low concentrated samples
• User friendly GUI, software, complete sample traceability
• Easy maintenance and serviceability
• UV lamp for daily decontamination
• Quick run setup, easy monitoring of progress and powerful analysis tools of BioRad CFX 96TM